A tree, a tree, we had been brought down from the city to the countryside for the first time in our lives, now we stood there all the cocky, arrogant, swagger knocked out of little bodies, eyes wide, mouths wider. Some of us were drooling, others were questioning why? Bobby Kelly pissed himself and he’d only just got dry, we all had one thing in common, every, single one of us was shit scared, it might as well have been an Alien from our nightmares stood in front of us, for the first time in our lives, at 14 years old, we’d seen our first tree and we were awestruck. Many elder members of my our family’s had ‘Never’ seen a tree, they even doubted they existed and spoke about them in the same hushed tones as Santa Claus and Loch Ness, right now i was evaluating my belief in both.. “Tree, tree, tree” the whisper rose into a chant, then suddenly into a weird, echoing whisper again, then blackness took me