High speed glass breakage


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A rambling, clanmbering, shambolic mess of a man born with a curse of a massive intellect forced into a brain that's seen too many crazy parties and lost more brain cells than were there in the first place. I've got an amazing talent of writing seven mediocre stories all at the same time, getting bored half way through and not even finishing them. At this present momemt ive got 237 drafts waiting to be finished, they will wait a long time. 90% of my writing is unfathomable drivvle from the very anus of the Devil himself after several days with a tumny bug and chocolate spread unwipable Diohreah. 8% is semi readable with only the occasional spelling mistake, missed words, paragraphs and vile profanities while the other 2% is sort of ok to good-ish but still littered with copius amounts of disgusting swear words like "Motherucker" So in summary, trying the find something worthwhile to read in this emarassment of feaces is like pricking yourself with a junkies used syringe in in your scrotum (or vagina, or hubbys scrotum it's your party) while sitting in the vatican wearing a Burkha. My advice..Swerve it and forget, but then again there are lots of pretty pictures and photos worth a look and if your very desperately horny, quite a bit of porn but i do require a recording back from you featuring you and your boinking buddy in acts carnal deprivation, water sports, chocolate choo choo train on a spoon and a rap song. Thank you ever so much, NOT

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